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We often take money for granted, because it is such a big part of our lives. If you don't use it smartly, it can make your head spin right round and cause you several sleepless nights.

That's why JobVine decided to launch a sister website "MoneyVine" to get you the latest news and tips on how to manage your finances. You can look forward to financial advice, money saving tips, information about financial services and financial tools. Whether it is personal, business or combining the two (financing your business with a personal loan) MoneyVine will help you make all the right decisions.

Money Facts in South Africa

Cattle is the oldest form of money. Some African cultures still use cattle as a measure for wealth. This is called lobola or magadi translated "bride price". It's the amount of cattle or money a man gives the family of a woman he intends to marry. It is the cultural practice where a man thanks the parents of his future wife, for raising her from a girl to a woman. It is also seen as an assurance to her family that he can take care of their daughter.

If you have many daughters it can also mean that you will be very rich one day, because with each daughter you'll receive lobola.

Nowadays, most families opt for hard cash instead of cattle mainly because receiving cattle isn't that practical anymore. Not all families own land. Some give up the traditions all together and some compromise by slaughtering a cow for the wedding ceremony.

Some interesting facts about money:

  • Cattle as money dates back as far as 9000 BC.
  • The first coins value was determined by its weight.
  • Paper currency was invented by China
  • More monopoly money have been printed compared to real money.
  • A piece of currency can be folded forward and back 4,000 times before it will tear.
  • A stack of bills destroyed in a single year would measure 2 miles high.