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Ins and Outs of Correspondance Studying

Ins and Outs of Correspondance Studying

Getting a tertiary education is one of the fundamental qualifications you can get if you are serious about going further in the working world. Some students will do what most people do and attend an institution whereby you are obligated to attend lectures and be on campus for most of the day. The other option available is obtaining your qualification through distance learning or more commonly known as correspondence studying. Many people you are already working are unable to quit their job to become a full-time student and therefore have opted for part-time studying through a correspondence institution. For those who need more insight or wanting to explore this study option here is some valuable information:

What is Correspondence Studying?

Correspondence studying is centred on the student working independently in their own space, at their own pace without having to conform to the normal campus hours. You are basically learning from the distance and connect with lecturers, fellow students and obtain course material via the Internet. There are no face-to-face lectures or daily contact with students.

How to Study through Distance Learning?

It is a fact that correspondence studying requires a fair amount of discipline on the student’s part. Although you have the choice of studying at your own pace, it is ultimately up to you to make sure you manage your time effectively in order to meet the set deadlines. With regard to your study material, you are supplied with study guides for your assistance, but you have to buy prescribed textbooks yourself.

Am I well suited for Distance Learning?

Before making any applications to correspondence institutions, you need to consider if you’ll be a suitable candidate. Consider the following, are you:

  • Self-motivated and self-disciplined

  • Hard working and diligent

  • Committed to taking responsibility for your own studies

  • Cope well with theory based work

  • An independent learner

Communication is Essential

Depending on what institution you choose to studying at – some departments with a large number of students arrange discussion classes once or twice a year. It is also advisable to form study groups with the fellow students in your courses. Email addresses are normally obtainable through student portals or online forums. Correspondence institutions and its lecturers stress that effective communication with students is essential in this line of studying.

The Advantages of Correspondence Studying

  • You are permitted to register as a part-time or full time student.

  • You are able to learn from home, according to your schedule, without having to incur the cost and inconvenience of travelling to classes at fixed times.

  • You able to work independently without being obligated to attend lectures, tutorials or seminars on campus.

  • You are able to keep your full time job earning an income whilst studying after work hours at home.

  • You are able to engage with course material that has been split up into manageable units, logically sequenced which is integrated into a sound learning process.

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