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Parent Guide to Child-Friendly Parties

Parent Guide to Child-Friendly Parties

Your child’s birthday is coming up and you need to think about how you would like to celebrate the very special day. Whether you would like to have something small or a big birthday bash, you would it to be a special and memorable day.

Remember to include the birthday child in some of the planning. All children happen to be very helpful when it comes to birthday parties. Sit down with the birthday child and have a brainstorming session about the theme of the birthday party. Once your child has written down a few ideas, you can work as a team, to draw up a list of things you need to do. Your to do list will need to have invitations, decorations, entertainment, a venue, food and lets not forget about the cake!

Once you have agreed on a theme, you need to decide whether you would want to hire an events company to help you or whether you would want to host the party yourself. An events company could save you loads of trouble but it can be really pricey.

Your next step is to sort out the food. Do not go overboard with food keep it simple. Children are usually hyped up at parties and they are having so much fun that though do not really pay attention to the food. Finger foods are your best option. You can create healthy snacks like placing fruit on kebab sticks and everyone’s favourite party food pies, mini pizzas and sausage rolls etc.

The main aim of the party is to keep all the children entertained for a few hours. Party games are essential, but instead of trying to get their attention aim to capture their imagination as well. Mix up some old classic games according to your theme. Musical statues can be called beauty pageant poses, pass the parcel can be called pass the beauty pageant trophy and pin the tail on the donkey could be pin the dress on the beauty pageant.

Allow the children to be creative with a cool craft activity. Beaded chains, magical wands and daisy chains are always a winner when it comes to little girls. For boys you could have a colouring in contest, allow them to build their own cars or let them build a cool building using lego. Remember to always have a creative activity that falls in line with your theme and fit it in after the kids have participated in a physical activity so that they do not get restless.

Throwing a party can be great fun if you involve the birthday child in the plan. It will give you a chance to bond and at the same time you will be able to see the kind of friends your child has made at school.

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