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The Importance of Consequence When Raising Your Child

The Importance of Consequence When Raising Your Child

There are many parents in society today, and each has their own valid way of raising their children in their respective environments. Children get taught to be careful while outside, to be respectful towards their elders and to stay out of trouble. But occasionally there is a lesson that slips by; that underlines nearly every one of the preceding lessons just mentioned.

That is Consequence.

Once you think about it, teaching a child about consequence would not be too daunting a task. If you need a reminder, the basic idea of consequence is cause and effect. One action leads to a result, which is true of any decision people make in life.

But what could the benefits be of teaching your child about consequence?

Mindful When It Comes to Money

If a child thought more about the cost when pleading for an expensive gift, parents might find their bank accounts to be enduring less of a drain.

When thinking about what kind of effect their decisions will have, kids will think more carefully about what they buy with their hard-earned pocket money. Since we are so advised so much lately to think about what we can do with our money, the children of today can learn so much too from this, by learning of how much more they can do when they think about what they buy.

More Aware of How to Stay Out of Trouble

It is a given that most children would go through a reckless phase in their early years, but this could be the perfect time to teach children about the importance of thinking about the result of their decisions. If a child got hurt while playing, might that not be an opportunity to teach them this important lesson?

Consequence could also be a valuable lesson when it comes to issues such as gangs and drug abuse. Of course, the most profound lessons come from first-hand experience, but as Roy H. Williams said, “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” Children can learn the important lessons in life without having to go through the harsher realities.

Building Relationships to Last a Lifetime

Children get taught to respect their elders, but sometimes they forget to respect their peers. While kids’ behaviour depends on their social circumstances, the kind of conduct they develop as they grow up could go a long way in terms of the impact it may have on their future, in terms of their relationships and careers.

Good behaviour may bring children the favour of the teacher, but it would also go a long way to impressing future employers, ensuring children will grow up to be responsible and successful adults.

So, if consequence is not among the lessons a child is learning today, might today be a good day to start?

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