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Ways to Save Time as a Busy Housewife

Ways to Save Time as a Busy Housewife

Being a housewife is often perceived as the easiest occupation there is, others even claiming that it’s not a real job to begin with. The role of a housewife deserves far more recognition and respect as it’s no 9 to 5 working day - housewives get up at the crack of dawn and get to bed late at night maintaining the household as well as taking care of their children and husband. To assist those busy housewives, here are a few time-savers worth noting:

Prepare for the Morning

Mornings are the most hectic time for a housewife – breakfast must be made, your kids and husband need to get ready for school and work respectively, you may even have to take your kids to school. Depending on what needs to be done, the morning rush can start as early as 4AM and end at 9AM. That is 5 hours of household labour done before the average employee even starts their working day! By preparing for the morning rush the night before you can significantly reduce your morning labour hours to fit in an extra hour or two of sleep.

  • Prepare the kids’ school uniform and your husband’s work attire the night before – sort them, iron them and place them all at a convenient spot so that you are spared the early morning nagging about misplaced socks and shoes.

  • Pack your children’s school bags and any other items they might need in the morning.

  • Find a convenient spot in your home to place all the little things that you often search for in the mornings such as keys, your purse and other small items you often battle to find before leaving the house.

  • Do small tasks in the evening in preparation for breakfast the next day. Also pack out all utensils and appliances that you would need for the next morning so that you spend more time making breakfast as opposed to hunting for things you need.

Weekly Dinner Preparations

Starting dinner from scratch is time consuming especially on days when you have a hectic schedule. There is an easier way that will save you so much time:

  • Chop enough onions for the week on a Sunday, place it in a plastic bag or container and pop into the freezer. You could even divide them into individual plastic bags so that you can just grab a bag out of the freezer in the morning to make supper for that particular day.

  • Chop, slice and dice all your vegetables that you might need for the week and place them into containers to be stored in the freezer. In the mornings transfer the needed vegetables for that day to the fridge to allow it to defrost while still keeping it fresh.

Other Kitchen Time-Savers

  • Store baking utensils and cooking utensils in different spots in the kitchen. Sometimes you might need both, but by maintaining order you save time as you would know exactly where to find each item.

  • Clean the dishes and your kitchen area while you are cooking or baking. While waiting for your ingredients to cook through, bake through or simmer you can clean the mess made to save yourself from tackling an even bigger mess once you are done.

Cleaning Time-Savers

  • Clean your home from top to bottom – especially when you are going to be dusting. Always clean your floor last because the dirt from your countertops and shelves will always find its way to the floor while you are cleaning.

  • Dedicate at least 20 minutes each day to do random cleaning around the home. This way you will forever be spared the task of heavy duty cleaning which could take up an entire day.

  • Clean as you mess. Tackle that stains or small messes made around the house straight after its occurrence as it not only prevents further damage to the items in your home, but saves you the trouble during the time when you really need to get it cleaned.

Shopping and Running Errands

  • Make a note immediately after realizing something needs be done or bought. Keep an on-going shopping and errand list by constantly ticking off and adding on to those lists.

  • Do internet banking and online shopping as much and as far as you can so that you do not go through the schlep of going to the mall 2 or 3 times a week.

  • Run your errands and schedule any appointments during off-peak hours. This way you will not be stuck in traffic or forced to stand in long queues to do your thing.

  • Dedicate one day in the week to do both your shopping and errands, get as much done in one day as possible to focus on other more important things.

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