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Why Exercise is Important for Everyone

Why Exercise is Important for Everyone

By now, you have heard several times about the importance of exercise; for years, health professionals have been cautioning the public to take better care of their health. In addition, fair amounts of celebrities promote the physical benefits of healthy eating; let us not forget the new and popular “secret” fruit that apparently stops and eliminates unwanted fat in a short period. Considering the above, why is it STILL important that everyone exercise other regardless of diet supplements?

Why exercise is important for you

Stronger body – happier life

Exercising regularly helps strengthen your muscles, joint structure, and joint function, improves stamina and enhances flexibility.

By doing at least 30 minutes workout every day or 3 times a week, you are training your body to become more efficient and to use less amount of energy for the same amount of work. What this means is that your body will reach resting levels (normal breathing and normal heart rate level) sooner from strenuous activity. Regular exercise trains your body to do everyday activities easier.

Peace of mind = quality life

It been proven that regular exercise reduces stress levels, uplifts moods and as we all know, helps you to sleep better and for this reason improves your quality of life.

How does this work? Either by a speedy walk or a workout at the gym will stimulate different brain chemicals that are the reason for a lighter mood or the stress relief.

In addition, by exercising you can increase your self-esteem, as it is a way for self-development. If you feel good, you do well.

Help prevents diseases – longer life

Made to move, your body will crave for movement and exercise. A proven fact, regular exercise slows down the ageing process, so not only do you feel better, but also you will look better.

Regardless if, you are the correct weight or over weight, exercise will reduce the fat in your blood stream, which decreases your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and even arthritis.

Another benefit of exercise is that it improves the body’s use of oxygen therefore giving more energy to the body.

Why exercise is important for children too

There are only a few things in life as challenging as undoing unhealthy childhood habits. Furthermore, considering how tough it feels for you as an adult to change how you perceive exercise, you cannot wonder what if you were taught the importance of exercise at a young age. Acknowledgement of the importance of exercise at a young age is imperative for a long life for your child.

The good news is that you are able to implement healthy habits in your child’s life. Like any good parent, you want what is best for child/children therefore take advantage of the opportunity and implement good health habits into your child’s life.

The bottom line

Exercise is a great way to feel better about yourself and life. When done regularly, exercise improves your body performance and your quality of life, reduces risk of diseases, as well as acts as another way of having fun.

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