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6 Tips to Keep Your Garden Well Groomed

6 Tips to Keep Your Garden Well Groomed

Keeping your garden well groomed is vital especially in summer. I know it seems like hard work but it can also become a hobby. Here are 6 tips on how to keep your garden well groomed.

Tip #1 Purchase your garden items when stores have end of season sales:

Garden centers usually have big sales when autumn arrives, they do this because they think fewer people are interested in spending money on gardening that time of the season. That is the right time to buy all your plants that you want for an affordable price. Garden tools are also on sale that time of the year, so stock up!

Tip #2 Clean up where necessary:

Always rake up unwanted leaves that fall off the tree. Pull out and get rid of annuls which wont come back the following year. If you have vegetable gardens or fruit trees pick out what you can use in your home and throw away those hat cannot be used. Leaving food to rot in your garden attracts rodents an unwanted insects. Try and oil your tools regularly and keep your garden shed clean.

Tip #3 Prune the perennials:

These plants come year after year if you know how to take proper care of them. The flowers and the above ground parts die over winter but it comes back in the spring from the same root ball. To make sure you have healthy perennials, cut off all the dead parts and throw away any that have been ruined. The rest can be composted.

You can also separate perennial. Dig up the root ball, pull the root ball apart and replant the smaller plants. You will have more plants than what you started off with, they will have more room to grow and it will help them grow healthier. Make sure you water them when they have been replanted.

Tip #4 Take care of your soil:

You should consider starting a compost pile at the back of your house. Make use of the debris that you rake up in your yard to make a compose pile. All your flower beds will benefit from an evenly spread layer of compost which keeps the soil warm and moist.

Tip #5 Kill the weeds:

Another good gardening tip is to kill all the weeds that are growing in your garden because they compete for nutrients and water in your lawn and flowerbeds. Instead of using herbicides and other harmful chemicals, remove the weeds with your hand. This will leave you with a healthy lawn and garden.

Tip #6 Other garden care tips:

Water your garden regularly and don’t over do it! Use the right lawn mower for the right size of grass. Take care of all unwanted pests such as insects, moles, hares and mold by using pesticides. This will ensure that your garden is well groomed all year long.

Just a little bit of dedication to a few simple tasks can keep your garden healthy and well groomed this season. Enjoy your tidy lawn and garden.

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