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Fun Tips for Designing your Child's Bedroom

Fun Tips for Designing your Child's Bedroom

The Fun in Designing your Kid’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is the one room designed differently from the rest of the home – there are no rules. The concept behind designing and decorating a child’s bedroom is to keep it bright, comfortable, playful and happy.

Tips for Designing your Kid’s Bedroom


Pick durable furniture for your child’s bedroom and especially the playroom as children mess and break things from time to time. Have in mind that children are little people and therefore use furniture at a decent height for their rooms. Do not be afraid to place playroom toys and activities in the bedroom such as a playhouse for little girls.

When purchasing furniture, take your time, it is best to buy the furniture one by one as you will be creating an authentic look instead of buying a furniture collection will take away from designing and decorating your child’s bedroom.

Patterns and colours

In a child’s bedroom, cartoon characters are not necessary, as long as you choose bright and fun colours and patterns your child will love it. Another way to use colours and patterns in your child’s bedroom is to use colours upon colours; children love rooms that are vibrant and happy.

Make use of wall arts, from animals, to shapes and sizes to cartoon characters and patterns; most popular is framing a child’s artwork for their bedroom. Popular, wall stickers that come in all shapes, sizes and patterns is easily removed without hassle and requires no nasty clean-ups needed. The great deal about wall stickers is that it is affordable.


A great deal of lighting is essential for a child's bedroom. Make use of natural light, as the room will need as much light as possible. Have a reading light at the bedside that is reachable for your child in case they have to go to the toilet during the middle of the night.

Storage and play stations

When designing your child’s room, make storage provision for all the kinds of toys, games and activities. Set up workstations for the various activities such as dough, building blocks, painting etc.

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