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Survival Items Every Home Needs

Survival Items Every Home Needs

We constantly find new ways to secure our homes and make it comfortable to live in. But is your household sufficient enough to survive in if the need arises? With winter upon us, power outages can be expected. Unforeseen incidents such as water shortages or power failures, even worse, natural disasters can pose a threat to your survival. Your home should be orientated for survival until order is restored. Here are key items your household should have:

Solar Power

One of the most reliable energy sources is solar power. Also one of the first concerns in the midst of a disaster is finding a source of light, especially during blackouts when night time approaches. A vital item to have in this instance is solar powered lights and lamps. The Consol Solar Jar makes a pretty decent solar light source – it’s portable and can be hung to disperse light much more efficiently.

A solar geyser is also useful for practising everyday energy efficiency and to ensure that you still have hot water during power outages.


Apart from solar lighting systems, torches are a good temporary solution for a source of light. A sufficient supply of candles and matches are also useful to light up dark rooms in the house.

Batteries and Battery Operated Appliances

A portable radio and battery operated appliances are a must-have for your home. Check your battery stock on a regular basis to make sure that you have a sufficient supply of batteries for each appliance in case of emergencies.

Energy Supply

Various incidents such as load shedding, power failures, maintenance or extreme weather conditions can cause power outages. In these cases, you need an alternative source of energy. Firstly, you should invest in a home power generator. Also make sure that you have sufficient fuel for your generator at all times.

Other useful appliances to have include a gas cooker, gas hob, gas heater and various other gas appliances. Keep a spare gas tank for emergencies.

Water Supply

In case of water shortages, it’s good to invest in a water tank for your home. Storing rainwater to be harvested forms another means of sustainable living and can also save your life during water scarcity or when the municipality cuts off the water supply for a period of time to do maintenance or fix a problem.

First Aid Kit

Medical supplies could save your life in the event of an unforeseen circumstance or emergency. Keep it well stocked with bandages, antiseptic solutions, sticking plasters, gauze pads, latex gloves, safety pins and various OTC medicinal items. Replenish your first aid kit on a regular basis and learn the basics of first aid as its pointless having the supplies and not knowing how to use them.

Bulk Purchases

Always buy more than enough food and preserve it to prepare yourself for those extreme emergencies where you might need food but cannot leave your home to get some. Try to double up on items on your grocery list, especially if it’s on sale.

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