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Update Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Update Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your resting place, and it is only logical that you try to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Big or small, it is possible to design your bedroom to look stylish and to have functional furniture.

The worst feeling is to have your bedroom feeling cramped and uncomfortable due to a distasteful colour scheme, non-functional furniture, and bedroom furniture chaotically arranged.

Read further for ideas for small bedrooms.

Choose a theme

  • Cosy cottage

  • Bold stripes

  • Glamorous

  • Bold colours

  • Neutral

  • Modern/minimalist

  • Bright and sunny

  • French or British inspired

  • Classic black and white

  • All white bedroom Change sheet set

Pile on the pillows: Simply pile on extra pillows onto your bed to add a sense of style and for comfort.

Use patterns: Using patterns is another way to show style and creativity, for small bedrooms, it is best to use smaller patterns as big patterns will make the room seem chaotic and cramped.

Choose a focal point: Choose a place in the room that you want to be the focus; this is usually your bed. Whatever you choose to be the focal point in the room, it should be the first thing someone sees when they steps into the room.

Add or update wall art: Add a new or vintage mirror to your wall, above or at the dressing table. Wall art is an example of a focal point for the room. You can place wall art above your bed or at your desk.

Do not forget about the floor: Usually the floor is the least thought about, however updating the look of the floor whether it is carpet; tiles or wooden flooring there is always something to do. No matter the kind of flooring, place a stylish rug that suits your theme close to the bed and see the remarkable difference.

Neutral colours: Neutral colours bring a warm feeling to the bedroom; add some light to elevate the room. Neutral colours give you more opportunity to have bold furniture pieces in the bedroom.

Layer your colours: If you have no clue on decorating your bedroom and do not trust yourself to make big decision, simply layer the colours of your sheet set or your pillows.

Reorganise accessories: You do not have to purchase new accessories to create a new look for your bedroom, easily rearrange the accessories in your bedroom to places where you think they will have more function and pack away what you feel no use for.

Dress the windows: Windows are a source of light but it does not mean that you cannot dress it up, add blinds and or matching curtains.

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