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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Indoor Plants

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Indoor Plants

We use plants to lighten up the scene of a room, to lift our mood and even to improve our health. Yet this beautiful scene booster often seems impossible to maintain. It’s either too much water, or sunlight, or nutrients or insufficient air supply.

Just like any other source of life, it needs a combination of things in balanced amounts to stay alive. Plants can’t speak so in order to extend the life of indoor plants we must take note of the signs and know what we are doing.

Read the following tips and advice on how to extend the life of an indoor plant.

Know the name of you Plant: In order to give the correct treatment to the plant, you need to know the name of the plant, furthermore to find out the necessary information unique to the plant.

Give the Plant the much needed light: This is one of the main reasons why the lifespan of a plant is cut short; according to the information you know about the plant, you will know how much light is required for your indoor plant.

Plants need to be Watered Routinely: In summer plants need to be watered routinely and regularly as they receive energy from the sun and grow, but then again in winter watering every week is unnecessary as plants slowdown in growth.

The Type of Soil matters: Soil from the ground should is not advised for indoor plants, nonetheless potting soil from a store is the best option for most indoor plants.

Fertilizer is essential for Growth: Most people find the use of fertilizer tricky; fertilizer helps the growth of plants especially during growth seasons (summer and spring) – but don’t over fertilize. Winter season, plants require less fertilizer as there is less light source and plants hibernate.

From Potting to Repotting: When the time comes and your indoor plant has outgrown its pot, you need to repot the plant. Be mindful not to choose a pot double the size of the previous one but that is slightly bigger.

Plants need Air: As you know, plants take in CO² and release oxygen; however plants need both to survive. An imbalance of the two can cause the plant to be exhausted and to decline lifespan.

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