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Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Ways to Save Electricity at Home

Why you should consider saving electricity

By saving electricity, not only do you save money but also you get to play a part in saving energy. As you know there has been a rise in power cuts, and by saving energy, you get to contribute positively.

Saving in the kitchen

  • Make sure that the size of your pot/pan is the same size as the plate you using.

  • The oven uses a lot of electricity, try to use the microwave every opportunity instead of the oven.

  • Cooking your food faster means less electricity, therefore chop your food into smaller portions for it to cook faster.

  • When cooking, use a kettle to boil water for the food as it is quicker and uses less energy than a pot on the hob.

  • Only fill the kettle to the amount of water that you need.

  • When using the oven, refrain from opening the oven during the cook process until the food is cooked, unless you need to.

Saving in the bathroom

  • Shower instead of bath, as the shower uses less water than if you were to bath. However, it is advisable that you update your showerhead to an efficient showerhead as the outdated can use more water than it should.

  • When you change your showerhead to an efficient one, also fit your showerhead to a low-flow so that you save the amount of water you use as well as electricity.

  • A small way of saving electricity and water is to fix dripping taps especially the hot water taps as it saves electricity.

Extra tips


Switch off your geyser during the day when the least warm water is need and when everyone in the house it out. Another way to save energy with your geyser is to insulate a geyser blanket, which will hold the heat for a longer period.


Lights are an everyday essential in the home, and are used for long periods; therefore, you should buy energy efficient light bulbs, which uses less energy and last longer.


We use appliances all over the house, from the bathroom, kitchen to our bedrooms it is essential that you switch all appliances when not in use. Should you not only switch off appliances, but also unplug and switch of the wall plug. Leaving appliances on standby is one of the ways we unknowingly use energy in the home.

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