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How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Medical Scheme

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Medical Scheme

Getting value out of your medical aid insurance scheme does not necessarily mean paying less. Value lies in how beneficial your scheme is for yourself and your loved ones. It is advisable to review your medical aid scheme from time to time to determine if and how you can get the most value out of it.

Terms and Conditions

Read and understand the fine print of the contract with regard to your medical aid scheme. Contact a medical aid advisor to break down terms that you’re battling to understand so that you have clarity on what you are covered for and entitled to. You wouldn’t know the value of your medical plan without understanding what it all entails.

Maximum Coverage

Opt for a medical aid scheme that provides the most coverage compared to other schemes. Even if you will be paying a higher premium each month, ask yourself: can you really put a price on your health? You have control over your health to a certain extent – you can control your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses, but you cannot prevent accidents which could result in a long stay at hospital. The last thing you want is the financial burden of being underinsured with your current medical aid plan. Make the necessary upgrades to get the cover you need, it could save you loads in the future.

Cash in on Benefits

With so many medical aid plan options available competition can prove stiff, so medical aid plans offer a range of benefits for members to save on general medical costs. These benefits include general check-ups, gynae facilities, paediatrician visits and dental examinations to name a few that are either free or at a discounted price, depending on the package and the institution. Take full advantage of everything that your medical aid plan has to offer. Don’t wait until you or a loved one is sick to make use of the check-ups – as you will appreciate, detecting health problems earlier will prove to be less severe as well as inexpensive to handle.

We all have some sort of stress and issues that are eating away at us from time to time, it helps to talk to someone about them. Or even just someone to discuss medical issues that you are uncertain about. Most medical aid plans offer their clients a helpline service whereby clients can either call or email professionals for medical as well as personal advice. It’s usually a 24 hour service with a toll-free number. The service itself is absolutely free and clients can seek advice discreetly from professionals about their problems.

Secondary Benefit Programmes

Medical aid schemes often develop partnerships with retailers and other companies to collaborate on their loyalty programmes to offer exclusive benefits to their common clients/customers. These exclusive benefits include cash back, exclusive discounts on products/services/memberships and exclusive promotional offers among others. Get added value from your medical aid plan by participating in whatever partnerships your medical aid plan offers for extra savings.

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