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Pace of the Retirement Lifestyle

Pace of the Retirement Lifestyle

The life that you have been living changes dramatically once you reach retirement. You no longer work and your children are all grown up fending for themselves. For most, it is easy to adjust as they have been counting down the years to retirement, while others may find it a bit challenging. Each retirement lifestyle is unique to each one’s circumstances and position in life.


Free time and freedom to spend your days however you wish comes with the retirement package. Often you hear retirees saying “What am I going to do with all this free time?” Many have a clear plan as to how they will be spending their days while the idea of leisure only dawns on others when they reach retirement. No more waking up to an alarm alerting you to get ready for work. Every hour of every day is spent on your terms with the exception of scheduled appointments and commitments you make.


Retirement brings forth the possibility for starting your own business. Those who have worked for a boss throughout their career would often take the opportunity to be their own boss. Starting a business is a great way to generate income whether you are in need of it or for the sake of securing your financial independence. Running a business is perfect for those who find the idea of spending most days sitting on the porch unappealing.  On the contrary, business owners who have reached retirement might decide to step down and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Part Time Employment

After working for a couple of decades, the idea of not having to go to work every day might be overwhelming. Some might prefer to work part time. Working part time could also be the only option for those under financial strain and in need of the income. Regardless, the working pace decreases once you hit retirement.

Voluntary Work

Having an abundance of spare time allows one to give up some of that time for those in need. Helping out at a soup kitchen or spending time with orphans can prove to be a self-rewarding way to make use of excess time. Retirees often commit themselves to a cause or even start one in the community.


What better way to spend your days indulging in activities you love or always wanted to do but never got round to doing. Whether it’s playing tennis, golf, going fishing, gardening, hiking, crafting, reading, writing, blogging, home-improvement projects; this is the time to take full advantage to do things that make you happy.

Family Time

Another blessing of the retirement lifestyle is getting to be with your family more often. Retirees get to be there for their children a lot more and also get to know their grandchildren. One of the joys of retirement is that unexpected visit from family and family outings.


Social clubs specifically for the elderly often organize fun activities, events, day trips or even weekend getaways. Retirees are not deprived of enjoying new experiences and places while meeting new people and making new friends.


Many people dream and work towards the opportunity to travel. Going on cruises, bus tours, flying to different cities and countries, sightseeing, absorbing different cultures and environments. The wonderful thing about the retirement package is that you are able to travel as long as you are at the means to do so.

Retirement Escape

To flow with the retirement lifestyle, many retirees choose to move to a better suited environment. Some find comfort in retirement villages amongst other retirees, while others are sent to old age homes. Another option for retirees is moving to another country, city or town. South Africa is internationally recognized as a retirement hotspot with our favourable weather conditions and peaceful coastal locations. Both local and foreign retirees flock to South Africa’s coast to settle into retirement. While some foreigners prefer to immigrate to South Africa, on the other hand, many South Africans settle in other countries.

There is no set pace for the retirement lifestyle. Everyone journeys through life at a pace of their own. There are only possibilities. As established, the possibilities are endless, it all depends on the circumstances and will to create the retirement lifestyle that you desire.

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