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How to Adapt in the Workplace as a Millennial

How to Adapt in the Workplace as a Millennial

Are you a millennial? Not sure? Statistically speaking, millennials are individuals born between the 1980s and 2000s, although this differs according to various institutions. If you are in your mid-teens to early 30s, you are by definition a millennial.

Millennials have been controversially judged to be technologically savvy, narcissistic, lazy, optimistic and having a sense of entitlement. Does this sound like you? Of course, not everyone follows the trends and even if you were born in the period mentioned above, it doesn’t mean you are like all millennials. Or are you?

With that in mind, how can a millennial like you adapt in the workplace?

Understand the environment

The first thing you need to realise is that when you are at the workplace, it is not just your generation that you are working worth. For now until maybe 30 years down the line, you will find yourself working with preceding generations, known as Generation X (those born between the early 1960s and 1980s) or the receding Baby Boomers (those born between the early 1940s and 1960s). Keep in mind that you will be facing different mind-sets and traditions.

Respect the status quo

As the newcomer to such a setup, you might find yourself unable to fit in right away. Various studies have claimed that millennials prefer a flexible work life and tend to move from one job to the next. Whether or not this is true for every millennial, such an attitude would make life difficult when at the workplace. This is where one other trait that studies have revealed about millennials may prove helpful: millennials have been said to be open-minded. That means if you put your mind to it, you can get used to the way things happen at work.

Manage your strengths

Besides being open-minded, millennials have also been said to be tech-savvy. While that is a good skill to possess, it may not always be valued depending on the kind of work you are involved in. When trying to introduce a newer more efficient method to get work done, you might first want to evaluate if such advice would be wanted. Sometimes, even though a process at work may seem to be laborious and boring, there could be a good reason why it exists.

At the same time, that optimistic nature of yours should allow you to cope quite well at work. If you can keep the belief alive that your situation will improve, there should be nothing stopping you from putting your best foot forward.

Have no fear

Even if you represent the new arrivals to the workplace, you can survive, and maybe once you stick it out, you will eventually represent the demographic group that makes up two thirds of the majority. So, keep up the good work.

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