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Office Warming Tips

Office Warming Tips

New office?

Just like you would do when moving to a new home, it is only normal to have an office warming party for your new office. It is a way to celebrate your new office, it is an opportunity for employees unwind and feel appreciated by the company.

Why choose to celebrate your new office

Whether you decide to have an office warming party with your staff, have an open party for your clients and business associates, it is a way to show off to your clients and mark the new look and elevation of your brand.

Ideas for office warming party

Organise an event:

  • Choose an exciting theme: casual, informal, corporate, creative or non-office

  • Choose the location: at the office, hire venue, restaurant, or choose outdoor place.

  • Pick a convenient date (will it be during work hours or during off time?)

  • Send invitations.

  • Set dress code according to theme.

  • Get people excited by creating a festive atmosphere.

  • Create activities for the event that everyone can participate.

  • Very important – serve plenty food and drinks.

Potluck: The way this works is that, everyone brings his or her favourite home cooked meal to share. The only expense the company has to pay is for the paper plates and forks.

Family event: Invite employees and their families for a day of enjoyment. Include child-friendly activities and activities for the adults for socializing as well as plenty food and drink. An afternoon braai at a park is the perfect example of a family event.

Gift exchange: Ask everyone to buy one gift to exchange with another person at the party; the gift must not exceed a set amount of money.

Live screenings: This is a very simple but fun activity for a big group. Set up a screen (rent a projection screen if you do not have) play a good show and purchase some snacks and drinks.

Breakfast gathering: Once again, this is a very simple idea but is a definite enjoyment. Set up some tea, coffee, doughnuts, and other breakfast delights.

Kick it off: How this works is that employees either start the day an hour later, an hour added to their lunch, or finish work an hour earlier. The last day before moving to the new office is the best day to do so.

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